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Effects of Treatment by Chiropractor in Rockford

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Chiropractor in Rockford

Patients often wonder why I, as a chiropractor in Rockford, recommend multiple visits early in their care plan.  Chiropractors often recommend to patients that they schedule more frequently when they first come in for treatment.  In fact, I have talked to some people who refuse to ever see a chiropractor because they think that, once you go, you will be constantly expected to keep coming back over and over.

So Why Would A Chiropractor Recommend Multiple Visits?

Well, the truth is that a chiropractor’s “medicine” is administered primarily through spinal adjustments.  It’s going to take a number of those adjustments for a new patient, particularly one who’s never seen a chiropractor in Rockford, to receive the appropriate degree of correction of their misalignment(s).   The chiropractor is addressing the root cause of the patient’s discomfort, as opposed to just treating the symptoms of pain that motivated them to seek treatment.  As many have found out before they go to a chiropractor, medicine can mask the problem for a while, but it doesn’t correct it.  That is where chiropractor in Rockford excels when it comes to treating biomechanical instabilities.

The Effect of a Course of Chiropractic Treatment is Cumulative

Pain is not the real problem, but rather a warning sign that there is something wrong that needs to be addressed.  People are used to popping a pill for this or that ache as they seek quick relief.  If the pain keeps returning, however, it should become obvious that those pills are not the answer.  That is where chiropractic can help.

As you ask yourself why does a chiropractor in Rockford recommend multiple visits, consider how many total pills did you take (and for how long) before you decided to try an alternative health treatment?  You can pretty well rest assured that the number of chiropractic visits, and the duration of care, needed to correct your problem will be far less when all is said and done.

Additionally, I often recommend that patients come in from time to time for checkups, the goal being to detect and treat developing problems before they become painful again.  Well, folks have been going regularly to dentists all their lives, thinking it quite normal and responsible.  The chiropractor is just wanting their patients to give their spines, which can’t be replaced, as much attention and care as they give their teeth, which can be.

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