I, like many of you, have made several resolutions for what I want to improve or achieve in 2019. Not everyone does this, and that’s fine, but I find having a plan and a “finish line” in mind helps me to increase the chances that I achieve them. I also choose to share them with my wife and some friends so there is accountability and they can tell me when I am not doing well. In full disclosure, I even write them down on a dry erase board that I keep at my home so I see them on an almost daily basis, just so they become engrained in my mind each day. This approach may not be the same for you, but these are ways I have found to increase my chance for success.

The reason I do these things is because the sad reality is the majority of people who set resolutions fail in them and they tend to fail quickly. A large study in 2016 demonstrated only 64% of people reported holding onto their resolution after only 1 month! In fact, by 6 months that number dropped to less than 40%! There are many individual reasons why a resolution may fail, but I recently found a clever anagram that explains why MOST fail. I want to share it, in hopes you may recognize one or two of these reasons and use that knowledge to ensure you succeed. Use it to ensure you do not fall off the resolution C.L.I.F.F.

C – Can’t find the time
L – Lack of a “gameplan”
I  – Ignore the goal, and fall back to old habits
F – Frustrated by a lack of quick results
F – Forget why you started

It may be one of these, or a combination of multiple, but I feel these do a good job of defining why I have failed in previous goals I have set. If any of these ring a bell for you, I would encourage you to act on it now and ensure your success. If you need help or encouragement, I would urge you to attend the Weight Loss Kickoff on Febuary 2nd at the downtown YMCA with us. You will be seeing a lot more information about this event as we get closer, but know we do this every year only for your success. It is our biggest and often most transformative event each year. We are just kicking off 2019, and it is going to be a great year for you!

Blessing in 2019!


If you know you need to attend the Weight Loss Kickoff, or know someone who does, please sign up at the front desk as seating is limited.