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Dr. Kyle Olson attended the National University of Health Sciences for his doctorate degree with outpatient clinical residencies in Lombard, IL, downtown Chicago, and the Chicago Salvation Army headquarters. Each clinic experience presented a unique and eye opening experience about the scope and severity of human health.

After earning his Doctorate, Dr. Kyle moved to Rockford, Illinois to practice at Chiropractic First of Rockford, a Maximized Living Health Center, in 2013.

Dr. Kyle Olson - Chiropractor in RockfordDr. Kyle Olson

Jim H.

Chiropractic has saved my back and my shoulders, when prescribed drugs and physical therapy have failed. And, medical doctors even know they cannot help with some conditions… I tried chiropractic and in the 1st week started to see improvement. Another week and I was cured with no limitations and no pain. PLUS I was given ways to prevent it from happening to my other shoulder, which my MD said was likely to happen and unavoidable.

Derek T.

Great doctor!

John Welch

My wife and I went to Dr Kyle his skills help us with our pain. Thanks Dr Kyle!